Val’s Art Diary


Valentina has been a pioneer in using social media to drive her art career and help her business.  In 2006 she took YouTube by storm with her “Val’s Art Diary” series which by now has been seen by over 20 million viewers.   Thanks to YouTube, Val can show her creations to thousands of people every day. 

iPhone App

Facebook App

“I had some crazy ideas but no way to make them happen on my own.  BestestApps helped me focus on my goals, developed best strategy and created  apps that are helping my business every day.”

Case Study

On 11/26/07 Val was featured in a front page story of “The Wall Street Journal” Small Business section.  “Lights, Camera, Sales!” article was written by Raymund Flandez and focused on innovative uses of social media and online video in growing a business.

Val has been featured in many more articles in various publications and TV programs.  Her social media savvy went beyond online video and YouTube.   Seeing the rise of Facebook, and the iPhone she decided to try to explore these new opportunities.  Like many people, Val had enthusiasm and great ideas but no programming skills necessary for creating Social Media apps.  This is where we stepped in.

“Friendship Painting” Facebook Application

The goal of the “Friendship Painting” Facebook App was to create a viral app that will spread and be used by thousands of people and at the same time seek out art lovers and introduce them to Val’s art.  With no maintenance and very minimal operating costs the app is essentially bringing potential buyers to Val’s website and FB Fan Page every single day.

On the surface “Friendship Painting” is a very simple and fun app.  Pick your friends, choose a background, font,

color, and create a virtual digital painting featuring the names of your friends for your Facebook profile.

Additionally we suggested a feature that would cause the awareness of Val’s Art Diary to spread virally. 

The users of the iPhone app can comment on Val’s videos or tweets inside of the application.  Users do so with their own twitter accounts and therefore their comments are visible to all of their twitter followers.

What makes this app so valuable is that it also recommends that the users become fans of “Val’s Art Diary” fan page.  In addition, every painting placed on the user’s profile links to Val’s website.  As a result thousands of people end up advertising Val’s business.

Just as expected the app is spreading virally and with no advertising quickly reached over 40,000 users. 

“Val’s Art” iPhone Application

With over 40 million avid iPhone and iPod Touch users an enormous opportunity opened up for people and businesses who want to reach potential customers.  Val’s seized this opportunity and asked us to develop an application that would allow her fans to have access to all her artwork, videos, as well as Twitter updates. 

She wanted an iPhone gallery that would allow people to see and buy her most recent paintings and prints as

well as place commission requests.

We were able to meet all her requirements.

Val stressed from the beginning that a very important aspect of the iPhone app should be the ease in which she can update the content.  We were able to create a solution that took most of the work out of her hands.  The videos that play in the app are automatically made available in the iPhone app as soon as she uploads them to YouTube.  Her Twitter posts show up automatically as well.  This hands off approach allows Val to get the benefits of the app without having to commit time to maintaining it.

Some features, however, have to be maintained manually.  The gallery of prints and paintings for example is maintained through an easy to use control panel that allows for easy upload and editing of information.  Val simply logs in on any computer to add new paintings or to make changes.  The moment she click on “Update” all the users

of her app see the updated content.

The control panel can also be accessed on Val’s iPhone which means she can make important and timely changes on the go.  Below are some screenshots from the control panel visible only to her.